Osama Sadoon Memon




LL.B (Hons)(UK)


University Of London
Lawyer Personal Detail
Gender: Male
Advocate: Supreme Court
Licensed Member: Punjab Bar Council
City of Practice: Lahore/ Karachi/Islamabad
Years of Experience: 5
Field of Expertise: Company Law
About Me: From the very start I have been a social and diplomatic person. Thus, I chose law as my academic Degree. I have a thirst for knowledge along with the drive to learn and expand my personal capacity as an individual. As a lawyer I am no stranger to arbitration, negotiations and settlements. My legal experience has taught me how to connect people and make them understand logical possibilities while moving forward to a constructive solution. As a confident debater since an early age my communication skills have been honed to deal with all and any situations/issues that have arisen while maintaining logic and knowledge as the base of my progress to an effective solution. I have worked at different law firms, single handedly established and managed a credit/lending distribution business, worked on the departmental expansion of a multinational company and at the moment I am dedicated to the formulation of the international online Legal network. This I believe goes on to show my diverse nature and capability to observe, learn and implement while moving forward with a positive approach towards achieving set goals and targets. If anything, history has taught us, human conviction has no substitutes.